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5 Best Diabetes Monitoring Apps

5 Best Diabetes Monitoring Apps

Jason Collier - 24th Aug 2018 [updated 19th Aug 2019] - Diabetes / Mobile Health

Diabetes monitoring apps are flooding the various app stores. Are you wondering which app to choose from the thousands available? Do you want to know how they can benefit you? Well, look no further!

Diabetes has become a growing epidemic. It is expected to increase by 55% worldwide by the year 2035! This is largely as a result of increasing obesity rates and poor diabetes management practices.

Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it becomes a lifetime commitment to manage the disease. Diabetes, known as the silent killer by some, is not curable, but it can be managed through regular exercise, healthy eating, consistent monitoring of blood glucose levels and taking medication if necessary.

Managing this disease can become a bit of a burden, but never fear, for mHealth is here! Diabetes monitoring apps are flooding the various app stores. They make the process of managing one’s disease slightly easier, by automatically tracking blood glucose levels, connecting with fitness devices to measure physical activity, tracking calories with large food databases and reminding users to take their medication. Some even allow doctors to remotely monitor their patients and alert them if something is wrong!

Here are the 5 best diabetes monitoring apps on the market today (in no particular order).

1. mySugr

The mySugr app is the most downloaded diabetes monitoring app on the Google Play store, for good reason! This app was featured in another post of ours as an example of using mHealth as a self-management tool. The app boasts that it makes “diabetes suck less”, and indeed it does. It keeps track of the most important diabetes information: blood glucose levels, exercise, food and medication in a quick and easy manner.

It also features:

  • Estimated HbA1c levels
  • Motivating challenges and feedback to help cope with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Daily, weekly and monthly medical analysis
  • Detailed reports for your doctor to analyse
  • Secure data backup
  • Ability to connect to some Accu-Check® Guide meter and Accu-Chek® Instant meter

The stats:

  • Downloads from Google Play: 1M+
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.6
  • Rating on App Store: 4.7 and #114 in Medical
  • Available from Google Play and App Store


Source: mySugr

2. Diabetes:M

Diabetes:M was designed by diabetics to cater for all types of diabetes, be that type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes. It was first published in Google Play in April 2013 and has since extended to cater for iOS users. Users can track, analyse, review and export the most important diabetes data (blood glucose levels, exercise, food and medication) in great detail. Diabetes:M prides itself on being one of the first diabetes monitoring apps which started to support Wear OS smart watches when they were first introduced on the market.

It also features:

  • A food database: easily add your own food to the database
  • A bolus calculator: carbohydrates counting and insulin dose calculator
  • Detailed graphs: detailed timeline graph of blood sugar tests
  • Analytical charts: summarise all your collected data in a visual way
  • Reporting tools: generate and share reports with diabetes specialists for analysis
  • A reminders system: never miss another check
  • Ability to link with Bluetooth SMART devices

The stats:

  • Downloads from Google Play: 500K+
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.4
  • Rating on App Store: 4.6
  • Available from Google Play and App Store


Source: Diabetes:M

3. Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy prides itself on being the most comprehensive diabetes monitoring app for over 9 years! It has been ranked the #1 Diabetes iPhone Application by Manny Hernandez, Founder of TuDiabetes.com. This is for good reason, as Glucose Buddy is a fast and easy to use complete diabetes tracker, worth every good review it has received.

It also features the ability to:

  • Easily log blood glucose, medication and meals in one entry
  • Track trends in your blood sugar, insulin, weight, blood pressure and HbA1c
  • Add notes to your entries for future reference
  • Log your meals using their extensive food database
  • Gain insights for each day as well as your long-term trends
  • Access your data from your desktop, mobile app, or tablet
  • link with Bluetooth SMART devices

The stats:

  • Downloads from Google Play: 100K+
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.1
  • Rating on App Store: 4.8 and #64 in Medical
  • Available from Google Play and App Store

Glucose Buddy

Source: Glucose Buddy

4. One Drop

One Drop has brought together their award-winning diabetes data visualisation and design into a cohesive and seamless One Drop user experience. Track what’s important in diabetes (blood glucose levels, exercise, food and medication) all in one place. One Drop makes managing diabetes an integrated part of your lifestyle — something that empowers, keeps you mindful, and helps to motivate.

It also features:

  • Simple, intuitive logging
  • A food database: log all meals and One Drop will automatically count your carbs
  • A medication database: keep track of all medication
  • Medication reminders: reminders to take medication on time, every time
  • A community: One Drop is a sharing platform that enables users to learn from each other in a safe environment
  • Powerful analytics: daily, weekly and monthly stats
  • Automatic insulin pump data
  • Ability to link with the One Drop | Chrome

The stats:

  • Downloads from Google Play: 500K+
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.0
  • Rating on App Store: 4.5
  • Available from Google Play and App Store

One Drop

Source: One Drop

5. BlueStar Diabetes

BlueStar Diabetes is an FDA-cleared, award-winning, in-app diabetes coach. we recently rated it as one of the 10 best mobile health apps on the market! The App, developed by WellDoc Inc., works by capturing blood-glucose information and providing real-time coaching. WellDoc’s system analyses the data and offers a personalised coach to help patients manage their medication and treatment with over 20,000+ automated coaching messages. Further support can be gained by submitting diabetes questions and getting answers from certified diabetes educators.

It also features:

  • Real-time coaching as you enter blood glucose results
  • Advice about what to do next to stay on track
  • Ability to organise medications
  • Reminders - never miss a dose of medication
  • Lifestyle tips and meal plans
  • Ability to share progress with your care team by sending a SMART Visit Report with the click of a button
  • Ability to link with fitness trackers
  • Ability to link with the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter to wirelessly transfer blood glucose results

The stats:

  • Downloads from Google Play: 10K+
  • Rating on Google Play: 4.2
  • Rating on App Store: N/A
  • Available from Google Play and App Store

BlueStar Diabetes

Source: Welldoc Inc.

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