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5 Best Glucose Meters (Glucometers)

5 Best Glucose Meters (Glucometers)

Jason Collier - 8th Sep 2018 [updated 15th Oct 2019] - Diabetes / Medical Device

Blood glucose meters are an essential tool in the lives of anyone with diabetes. They are used by diabetics to self-monitor their glucose levels in order to manage their disease. Because they are such important tools for managing diabetes, the market has been flooded with various brands. I have sifted through the thousands of available glucose meters so that you don’t have to! This post includes the best glucose meters that are currently on the market.

1. Contour Next One

The best glucose meter on the market

The Contour Next One was rated by Top Ten Reviews as the best glucose meter on the market! The Contour Next One is Bluetooth-enabled to connect to the Contour Diabetes app, which is an impressive data management tool. It features a smartLIGHT feature which gives an instant indicator of blood glucose results. The meter also features a handy second-chance sampling feature, which prompts the user to reapply blood if the first sample is insufficient to take a reading. This helps to avoid lancing a second time and wasting strips!


  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to use
  • Availability of test strips
  • Affordability of test strips


  • None

The Contour Diabetes app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Contour Next One

Source: Contour Next

2. FORA 6 Connect

The new kid on the block

The FORA 6 Connect is one of the newest glucose meters around and is FORA’s latest and greatest model. This Bluetooth-enabled meter is multi-functional, accepting strips to test for both blood glucose and ketones with gold technology for high accuracy. While most diabetics don’t test ketones, it’s a critical measurement for insulin-dependent diabetics. To make life easier, it also features an LCD backlight and an easy-slide strip ejector.


  • Accurate readings
  • Measures glucose and ketone levels
  • Comes with an impressive app


  • Lack of availability of test strips

The iFORA HM app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

FORA 6 Connect

Source: FORA

3. iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

The classiest glucose meter around

The iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System is one of the classiest looking glucose meters around. It is Bluetooth-enabled and connects with the iHealth Gluco-Smart app, which manages the data. iHealth Labs offers a full integration between all of its products to allow the user to better manage his or her overall health. They also include a one-year manufacturer warranty which shows their confidence in the quality of their products. It has 510(K) Approval for their glucose meter, and it is CE Certified for clinically approved accuracy.


  • Portable and discreet design
  • Affordable test strips


  • Inconsistent readings

The iHealth Gluco-Smart app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

Source: iHealth Labs

4. Accu-Chek Guide

The glucose meter with the best app, mySugr

The Accu-Chek Guide is a highly accurate Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter which synchronizes with both the Accu-Chek Connect app and the most downloaded diabetes management app on Google Play, mySugr. It comes with a spill resistant SmartPack vial which lets the user take one test strip and spill none. The well-deigned test strips allow the user to place blood anywhere, instead of on a tiny spot. It also features a push-button strip ejector, which means you don’t have to touch used strips.


  • Availability of test strips
  • Accurate readings
  • User-friendly test strips


  • Expensive test strips

The mySugr app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Accu-Chek Guide

Source: Accu-Chek

5. OneTouch Verio Flex

The most simple, easy to use glucose meter

The OneTouch Verio Flex is designed to be simple and easy to understand, boasting ColorSmart Technology. The meter lets the user know where their glucose reading falls in relation to their personal target ranges set by their physician by using a simple colour bar on the front of the meter. While the meter’s simplicity is its appeal, patients can also use the meter’s built-in Bluetooth Smart Technology to wirelessly connect with the companion OneTouch Reveal mobile app for extra insight.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate readings
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Comes with a great case


  • No Backlight

The OneTouch Reveal app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

OneTouch verio Flex

Source: OneTouch

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