Unique Features

The mobile app for patients features a dashboard, reminders, messenger and tips. The web app for healthcare professionals gives access to the patient's details, dashboard and messenger.

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Real-Time Remote Monitoring

The mobile app allows patients to track and view glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, activity duration, weight, blood pressure, medication and symptoms. Healthcare professionals can remotely monitor this data in real-time, allowing them to intervene timeously to prevent complications. Healthcare professionals only have access to patients that they have been linked with.

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Reminders and Calendar

Patients can set reminders to test glucose levels, take medication and attend appointments. Appointments are synchronised with the healthcare professional's calendar.

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2-way Communication

There is a direct line of communication between the patient and her healthcare professional. This can be used for advice, feedback or emergencies.

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Gestational Diabetes Tips

There is an educational section for the patients which focuses on gestational diabetes and pregnancy specific information.

We Believe that GooDMoM is a unique, lifesaving solution for women with gestational diabetes!

In South Africa, 5 - 25% of pregnant have gestational diabetes. All of these women are at a higher risk of adverse outcomes like emergency caesarean sections, stillbirth and type 2 diabetes later in life. Digital health solutions have been proven to reduce the risk of complications and the financial burden.

GooDMoM mobile

Unique Screenshots

Scroll through screenshots of the mobile app for patients below.

This platform will be live SOON!

The mobile app for patients will be available on both Android and iOS. The web app will be live on its own domain.

Team Members

The GooDMoM team consists of 4 members: Jason, David, Jill and Siraaj.